• Innovative Exhibition Stall Fabricators and Stall Designers

  • Innovative Exhibition Stall Fabricators and Stall Designers

Exhibition stands that serve every kind of event! 

Brands frequently have guidelines when it comes to promotional activities. Specialised instruments that complement the brand's unique marketing concepts are needed for certain requirements. A group of professionals from Expo Exhibition Stands assist us in creating stands that may be used for a variety of occasions. We provide functional booths for any kind of event, including IT conferences, internal gatherings, sales meetings, staff meetings, and roadshows. What’s more? We have booths that are suitable for any occasion, with sizes ranging from 9 square metres to 150 square metres. Not only that, but we also go above and beyond to ensure you have a flawless display experience.

A Dedicated Project Manager

For each customer, we designate a specific project manager who will oversee the project entirely. There is never a "lost in translation situation" because our managers serve as the intermediary between your marketing team and our designers. The committed manager has received extensive training to handle any issue that may arise throughout the exhibition process. We guarantee that you won't encounter any difficulties with exhibitions.

Installation and dismantling 

We want you to concentrate just on captivating your audience during the event—we'll take care of the rest! We will send in a team of professionals to assist you with installing and taking down the booth if you are short-staffed or inexperienced with the exhibition process.

Logistics management 

Give us the manual labour to do! We make sure the booth gets to you on schedule while you concentrate on that amazing show presentation. All of the specifics related to the booth's shipping and installation will be handled by our project manager. You may devote all of your focus to that presentation, as there are no technical or analytical nuances to worry about.

Project Management

A project manager is assigned to each of our clients. She makes sure that every process, from planning to execution, is done in accordance with the quality and delivery requirements specified by the client. This includes communication with the marketing team and the venue.